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Sea World & Aquatica

"Follow your heart
Let it inspire
Hope lifts you up
Dreams take you higher
Think what a world this world would be
When you Believe

Anything is possible
if you Believe"

Orca’s, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, beluga’s, manatees, … steal the show in Seaworld.  Orca’s, sea lions, dolphins have all there one show. 

The most impressive show and animals are the orca’s or Shamu.  Shamu was the name of the first orca in Seaworld.  Now, the stadium where the orca’s perform is the shamu Stadium and the orca’s are also called shamu.

Shamu shows are Believe, Shamu Rocks, Shamu’s Christmas Miracles, …. Every time we go to Seaworld we try to see more than 1 Shamu show.  These animals are so impressive, we can’t see enough of them. 
One year there was a baby orca and he was also a part of the show.  That was so cute.  

Beside the animals there are some fun attractions like Kraken, Wild Artic and Journey to Altantis where you definitely get soaked.  
VISITS: 1998 – 2000 – 2003 – 2004 – 2007 – 2008
Visited parks: Orlando
SeaWorld OrlandoSeaWorld is a chain of marine mammal parks in the United States, with operations in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, San Antonio, Texas, and previously Aurora, Ohio. The parks feature Orca, sea lion, and dolphin shows and zoological displays featuring various other marine animals. The parks' icon is Shamu, the Orca.

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What more fun is there than take a plunge in the water, to take a slide through tubes and see tropical fish, to relax on white sandy beaches. That’s fun, let’s go to Aquatica; the water park designed by Sea World.

Every slide is great, all the pools are super and once you get to the beach you don’t want to leave there.

VISITS: 2008
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