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While planning our trip of 2006 to the North Eastern US and Canada we definitely wanted to see whales.
Not a plume, not a tail but a whale and up close. That was our wish.

Our first whale watch wasn’t what we really wanted. We saw a lot of whales; minke whales, fin whales and humpback whales.
A lot of plumes, a lot of tails, a lot of whales under water but no jumping whales. But we were happy, we already saw a glimpse of those mighty animals.

On our second whale watch we only saw whales in the distance. But we also saw a lot of seals. And we were lucky to see beluga’s. We couldn’t approach the beluga’s because they’re to endangered, but we saw them. At one time we saw a pod of beluga’s and they were all jumping out of the water. That was so cool.

At our third whale watch we were lucky, we were so lucky. We saw a mother and calf, very close to the boat, breaching. Yes, that was our wish, seeing whales jumping out of the water. Fantastic! That was something that made a real deep impression on us.

Unfortunately on the east coast of the US there are no orca’s. So one day when we will be visiting the west coast again, we’ll hope to see orca’s. We’ve seen them a lot in Sea World, but we would love to see them in their natural environment.
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