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2009 : "Beauty of the West"
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Our Travels

2009 : "Beauty of the West"

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to the west. 
Time to visit some old “acquaintance”.

San Francisco, our starting point.  Less has changed, it’s still a very pleasant city with a wide variety of possibilities. 
It felt so good being there again, although the weather wasn’t on our side.  

Monterey and Big Sur were new to us.  Too bad we didn’t know the beauty of Big Sur, otherwise we would have visited it much sooner.  

A visit to Sequoia, Zion and Bryce brought back some old memories. 

On our way to Zion we went  by Edwards Air force Base, the place where the space shuttle lands if he’s diverted to California.  

In Page we’ve visited Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon Dam with the power plant.  On our way to Monument Valley we stopped by the Betatakin Ruins.  This is an old Indian village built in the rocks.  

In Monument Valley we had the greatest room for the whole trip.  A room with a balcony and a view over Monument Valley.  What more do you want …  

Our flight over the Grand Canyon was fabulous.  It’s a must do for everyone who’s visiting the Grand Canyon.  When you do this, you have a much better idea of what the Grand Canyon is.  

On our way to Las Vegas, we made a small detour along fabulous Route 66, America’s mother road. We’ve visited one of the most beautiful and famous part of Route66: Seligman and Hackberry.  This was so cool!  

Our final stop: Las Vegas.  A lot changed, but we didn’t expect anything else.  Las Vegas changes continuously.  But our visit was fantastic, as all other visit to this incredible city.

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San Francisco - Monterey Bay - Big Sur - Morro Bay - Seqouia National Park - Barstow - Zion National Park - Bryce National Park - Page - Monument Valley - Grand Canyon National Park - Las Vegas

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Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas - Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco - Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas - Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas "The Strip"
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