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Poecky Travel 2011 :
"Crossing the Ocean"
PoeckyTravel Blogspot 2010
Poecky Travel 2010 :
"A Passage to America"
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Poecky Travel 2009 :
"Beauty of the West"
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Let's travel

We’re Peter and Sally and this is our website about the many travels we made.

On this website you’ll find the places we’ve been to, including some of our pictures from travelling. You’ll also find some special interests like Hard Rock, Bubba Gump, Disney, …

We're still working on our site but, come on in and take a look. We would like to share it with you. If you want to comment, you will find our Guestbook at the bottom of every page.
Enjoy !

Travel 2011 - Crossing the Ocean

A new travel, a new blog. Yes, we’ll be blogging again!
But it will be somewhat different. It’s going to be a picture blog this time. No daily story, just a short note and a lot of pictures.
The pictures will tell the story.
Want to follow us or just take a look what we’ve done or where we are, go to
We’d love to get reactions, we’ll enjoy it reading them

You want to know our route ?

Description: http://www.poecky.com/mails/travel2011/14-Night_Transatlantic_Eastbound.jpg

(1) Port Canaveral - (2) Castaway Cay - (3) Madeira - (4) Cadiz - (5) Gibraltar - (6) Barcelona

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Disney "a Dream"

We’ve visited Meyer Werft Shipyard on May 14, 2010.   

We already booked our tickets for the guided tour a couple of weeks in advance.  We just wanted to be sure and if we didn’t, we couldn’t have visited the wharf.  It was that busy.

Visit our 3 new pages :
Disney Dream Facts
Disney Dream under construction
Meyer Werft 

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Must Sees 
Must See New York  Florida
Do you want to visit Florida ?
Here are some "Must See" in the Sunshine State !!
If you have more places in the Florida to visit, let us know!
Las Vegas are under construction.
Must see Florida >>
Must See New York  New York
Do you want to visit New York ?
Here are some "Must See" in the City that never sleeps !!
If you have more places in the "Big Apple" to visit, let us know!
Las Vegas and Florida are under construction.
Must see New York >>

Specific interests
Take a trip down the Mother Road, to a simpler, slower time in American history.  Route 66 was the gateway to the golden Pacific, starting in Chicago and ending at the beach in Santa Monica nearby Los Angeles. 

Visit our page >>
In Atlanta, Georgia, we visited the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr. This man had a Dream.
We also visited his birthplace and the museum. This day was a visit in the History of America.

Hear his speech >>
If you love Disney, you need to know the story behind the Magic. Therefore we made a page to honor Walter Elias Disney.
We also visit his hollywood star, his graveyard and the exposition "One Man's Dream" in DisneyWorld.

Know the man behind the Magic >>

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